Give Life in 2010


It’s a new year –a new decade!– and everyone is putting their New Year’s resolutions into action. People are resolving to lose weight, quit questionable habits (smoking, drinking), spend more time with family, enjoy life more … I think it’s awesome. We can all improve ourselves in more ways than one, I’m sure. But this year got me thinking, what can I do to make a difference, not for myself, but in a way that positively affects or helps others? For me that was easy: Donate blood! Or as Red Cross appropriately calls it, give life.

I say it’s easy for me because for a while I was giving blood every eight weeks (as often as you’re allowed), but then I strayed and haven’t donated in almost a year. But now I can start fresh in 2010. This is my opportunity to begin giving life again and I encourage others to join me. Don’t ditch your original resolutions. Lose that weight, but also sign up to donate blood once, twice, as often as possible, how ever many times you want–every single donation makes a difference. Your one small pint of blood can help up to three people. Three different people! It’s minutes out of your life to save others and I guarantee you’ll feel good about yourself for doing it. It’s simple to find a blood drive or donation center near you. The American Red Cross, my organization of choice, makes it very easy to sign up, just visit, enter your zip code, find an opportunity convenient for you and voila! you’re all set up to give life.

Right now, according to the American Red Cross, only 38% of Americans are eligible to donate blood and out of those only 8% actually do. That amounts to only about 3 out of every 100 people. Maybe if enough of us resolve to donate blood this year, we can boost that number and save countless lives.

I just signed up to donate:

Thank you for making an appointment to Donate Whole Blood.
Location: Santa Ana Donor Center
1518 E. Warner Suite #15
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Date/Time: Wednesday – January 13th 2010 – 05:45 PM – PST

Will I see anyone else there?


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5 Responses to “Give Life in 2010”

  1. Linda Says:

    This inspired me to donate! I didn’t realize that there were so few people that actually donated blood. Great post, Anika.

  2. Anika Says:

    Thanks Linda! If I get just one person to want to give blood, like you, then that’s awesome. Every bit counts! If you’re free next Wed night you should come join me

  3. Inez Says:

    I admit donating blood has always kind of scared me.. but I need to suck it up and go! I might be able to join you next Weds.

  4. Anika Says:

    It’s not scary, I can coach you through it. I would love for you to come. Just holler!

  5. Helping Haiti « InsightsOUT Says:

    […] blood: A couple weeks ago, my colleague Anika Ramirez posted about giving life – giving blood. I was inspired and went with her that day — my first time giving blood! As someone who gets […]

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