Caught in the Middle Continues


One of the biggest differences I’ve observed in the HKA office is  how the millenials embrace the digital world. Whether it’s a text or a tweet, these twenty-something’s utilize the rapidly changing technology as if they were breathing in air. They are entrenched with new media channels and utilize these methods as primary tools to communicate. It’s easy to understand why it appears to be a part of their DNA since they have grown up in an era where the computer is more of an entertainment device than TV. This generation was the first to be raised on the Internet, an amazing advance in technology that I have only become familiar with in recent years. On the other hand, the baby boomer generation was raised with a typewriter and was not bombarded with the wave of technology of today. The baby boomers in our office saw the value of utilizing social media vehicles as a means of communicating but were constantly trying to wrap their arms around it to figure out its purpose and benefits.


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