About Us

HKA, Inc. is an established public relations agency in Orange County, Calif. that enjoys a stellar reputation for its work with emerging growth through mid-market companies. For more than two decades, we have enabled clients to achieve invaluable, top-tier media exposure throughout the country. Even if a company is relatively new, or considered small in size, we zero in on our clients’ compelling stories and build on our solid media relationships. It’s challenging, but we love doing this.

While many of our clients are in Southern California, we regularly work with companies in all parts of the United States. Today’s technology makes it easier and easier to effectively communicate with our clients regardless of location — and also easier to stay engaged with media whether they are in New York, San Diego  or points inbetween.

We have worked with clients in many different industries and enjoy the freedom to not specialize in just one. This makes us fresh, let’s us cross-pollinate ideas across industries and enables us to tackle even businesses that are new to us. The core of our PR practice falls into: professional services, business-to-business, consumer products/services, food/restaurants and non-profit. Yet every year we find at least one new client that does NOT fall into these areas. This year, for example, we have added environmental companies with a “green” story to tell.

Our blog, InsightsOUT, is a new feature of our Website, www.hkamarcom.com. If you’d like a bit more background on HKA, please take a look at the Website. Others, let’s start sharing Insights.


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