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Now THAT Was a Great Idea! x2

July 12, 2010

I like a lot of things about being in the PR biz.

But when I stop and think about what I like BEST – I’d have to say I love seeing our good ideas take shape.

Whether the idea is something that I, personally, cooked up, or an idea hatched by one of our intrepid HKA team members, I love the satisfaction of seeing it come to life.

The week before the 4th of July was a perfect example of crazy deadlines, sky-high expectations, and what seemed like insurmountable challenges that popped up along the way – yet ultimately an incredibly satisfying week of work.

Twice in one week our ideas came to fruition:

The first idea sprung to life in a plaza courtyard in San Juan Capistrano, where O’Connor Mortuary presented its Heart & Soul Awards to three very worthy recipients in an intimate, joyous ceremony.

Heart & Soul Award Recipients - L-R, Steve Concialdi, James Pribram, Sharon Davis, Neil O'Connor

Heart & Soul Awards Ceremony

At first blush, it’s true, the idea of getting an award from a mortuary is a bit unsettling. But those who know O’Connor recognize that, perhaps paradoxically, it focuses on celebrating the living. The Heart & Soul Awards are the perfect manifestation of the O’Connor philosophy, now led by 4th generation CEO Neil O’Connor. The recipients — a firefighter, a nurse and an eco-warrior – were commended for the self-less roles they play in life. As Neil says, NOW is the time to recognize these people. And so he did.

Each month will see a new winner – if you have suggestions, send ‘em in!

The second idea was a bit more complicated, involving three clients: Haskell & White LLP, F&M Bank and OC Affiliate of Komen for the Cure. Whew! This one was too complicated to explain in detail in a blog post (and the previous post by Allison did such a good job!) so I’ll just point out the 40-foot-long PINK RV (owned by H&W managing partner Wayne Pinnell, who is a Komen Pink Tie Guy) decorated with larger-than-life faces of smiling breast cancer survivors; the famous Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade featuring breast cancer survivors walking and waving to the cheering crowd; a new pink checking account from F&M Bank with a $125 donation to Komen for each account opened for mammograms for under-served women in OC.

Busy July 3 at HB F&M Bank parking lot (that's Big Pink in the background!)

Breast cancer survivors from Komen for the Cure, OC Affiliate, at July 4th parade with F&M Bank

Wayne and Karen with "Big Pink" on Parade Day!

Along the way, we learned how to wrap a huge RV, secure a parade route spot at the 11th hour and organize an entry in the parade. I repeat, whew!

This past week was tame by comparison. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


We do our best thinking in the shower

May 20, 2008

Fresh ideas keep us motivated. Amidst our busy lives that are full of “noises,” it’s important for every individual to have quiet time to think without outside noise or interruptions. For me, I do my best thinking at night when I’m in bed before falling sleep. For others, it may be during a morning walk, while working out at the gym, during the commute to work, or in the shower.

International management consultant Chris Mason is a frequent traveler and gets his best ideas when he’s on an airplane. The secret is putting on headphones without music so the person next to you won’t talk to you.

Last night, Chris led an interactive business conversation, entitled “Accelerating Growth in a Slowing Economy,” with 40 business professionals in the region. The discussion – hosted by Haskell & White, HKA’s client and the region’s leading accounting and business advisory firm – brought the group to think about how to grow an organization successfully during an economic downturn. Topics covered include the fundamentals of building a successful business, such as having a clear vision, a good business plan, capital, the right talent/people, organization and strategic product/pricing. The group also discussed the importance of having quiet time for generating fresh ideas and for creative thinking.

Whether you are a student or the CEO of your company, finding time for an activity when you can release creative juices can reap many benefits, both personally and professionally. So when do you do your best thinking?