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Patience is a PR virtue

August 5, 2010

Team HKA and Xan having a blast with the Unwrapped crew

Our client Xan Confections was featured on Food Network’s Unwrapped last month. I know we all were excited when it aired, but I can’t describe exactly how I felt to see one of my clients be featured on a show and television network I had been a major fan of for years.

Awesome is a pretty good word for it. Yes, it felt awesome.

Looking back, I realized that it has actually been about a year since I first planted the seed at Unwrapped. A concise phone pitch and a strong intent to make the opportunity blossom was how it all got started 11 months ago.

I’d had a great conversation with the producer, but not too much happened right away. It took patience and diligent (but careful) monitoring of the opportunity to keep it alive and growing. Finally, nearly three months after that first conversation, Xan was confirmed to be on the show. The taping day happened not too long after, and a mere five and a half months later..

TA-DA! Xan’s ancho chili caramel fired up tastebuds on the “Hot & Spicy” episode in July. Kudos to the Unwrapped crew and the Xan team for putting together such a fantastic segment.

Looking back on it all, I’m reminded that great PR hits can often take time, (LOTS of) patience and persistence. But it’s always well worth the wait and effort.

What’s a PR success you’re proud of and what did it teach you?


Mainstream Media Embraces Linking

October 13, 2008

The New York Times Published this story yesterday about how many mainstream news outlets such as The Washington Post, NBC and The New York Times itself are starting to embrace the act of linking to other websites (including competitors), a practice that was previously avoided to prevent driving users away.

All I have to say is, “FINALLY!” I think it’s great that the mainstream media is taking a tip from bloggers, who have thrived on links. Links may drive traffic to other sites, but the traffic ultimately comes back when readers realize that the particular outlet is providing breaking and interesting news, whether they are churning it out themselves or are directing readers to a different outlet. Also, linked sites usually return the favor. Blogger Jeff Jarvis puts it best in the article: “Link unto others’ good stuff as you would have them link unto your good stuff.”

Launching InsightsOUT by HKA, Inc.

April 13, 2008

All of us at HKA, Inc. are excited to be launching our new blog, InsightsOUT.  We will be posting regularly — but don’t promise a regular schedule. Life at HKA is way too hectic to make rash promises. But we hope to be informative, interesting, provocative and, yes, occasionally entertaining too.

This first post is by Hilary, the person who started HKA back in the Eighties. Our PR agency is far different today, but still filled with creative people and cool ideas — and we look forward to sharing some Insights with everyone OUTside of HKA in the days, weeks and months to come. We have everyone from Gen Y to Baby Boomers  (yours truly), a great mix.

Not sure who will be reading our blog — maybe clients, colleagues, friends and strangers who will become friends. We look forward to comments and hope to get conversation going. Lots is going on in public relations.  Let’s chat. New media. Traditional Media. And we’ll give you a more personal glimpse of the people behind the HKA brand and reputation. Each one of our team members is well worth meeting, look for thoughts from all of us.

Until next time,