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Patience is a PR virtue

August 5, 2010

Team HKA and Xan having a blast with the Unwrapped crew

Our client Xan Confections was featured on Food Network’s Unwrapped last month. I know we all were excited when it aired, but I can’t describe exactly how I felt to see one of my clients be featured on a show and television network I had been a major fan of for years.

Awesome is a pretty good word for it. Yes, it felt awesome.

Looking back, I realized that it has actually been about a year since I first planted the seed at Unwrapped. A concise phone pitch and a strong intent to make the opportunity blossom was how it all got started 11 months ago.

I’d had a great conversation with the producer, but not too much happened right away. It took patience and diligent (but careful) monitoring of the opportunity to keep it alive and growing. Finally, nearly three months after that first conversation, Xan was confirmed to be on the show. The taping day happened not too long after, and a mere five and a half months later..

TA-DA! Xan’s ancho chili caramel fired up tastebuds on the “Hot & Spicy” episode in July. Kudos to the Unwrapped crew and the Xan team for putting together such a fantastic segment.

Looking back on it all, I’m reminded that great PR hits can often take time, (LOTS of) patience and persistence. But it’s always well worth the wait and effort.

What’s a PR success you’re proud of and what did it teach you?


Xan for the Holidays

November 4, 2009

Xan for Christmas

Don’t ask me how I got so lucky to work on one of HKA’s yummiest accounts, Xan Confections. I couldn’t tell you why, but I’m certainly not complaining! The chocolates and caramels that Xan produces are the BEST I have ever tasted. From the 29-calorie Saintly Sins to the massive masterpieces known as the Big Mouths, Xan Confections has truly won my heart.

I wanted to share these treats with my family, who I get to see about twice a year, and so I stocked up at Whole Foods before going home on my most recent visit. My Grandma, who is diabetic, loved the low-glycemic Saintly Sins. These truly incredible little morsels are made of the finest chocolate encasing pineapple, strawberry, or raspberry fruit purees – sweetened with organic blue agave nectar – NOT sugar. My mom loved the Jewel Collection – delicate, decadent chocolate gems encasing Xan’s signature soft caramel while retaining the healthful qualities of being vegan and gluten-free. And I got to see my dad, who rarely eats chocolate due to his high cholesterol and other medical issues, quietly enjoying the Honey Truffle, made of raw eucalyptus honey blended with dark 45% Swiss milk chocolate. He really liked that one – and it meant a lot to see him enjoying a sweet treat. I know what I’ll be putting in his stocking this Christmas.

Family is important to the people at Xan too. Susan Johnson, President of both Xan Confections and Susan’s Healthy Gourmet, named the company after her three grandchildren by using the last letter of each of their first names: JaX, HelenA and BeN. Not to be left out, little George came along this past summer and inspired the new LadybuG Truffles. And the Big Mouth Collection is lovingly named after Morton Downey Jr., the father of Xan chocolatier Tracey Downey, and a famed talk show host who was nicknamed “Mort the Mouth.”

As we start thinking about what to get our friends and family for Christmas this year,  Xan Confections is a gift to keep in mind. They have truly mastered the art of exceptional chocolate, and don’t leave anyone out – dietary restrictions or not. I know they’re going to be a big hit under my family’s Christmas tree this year… even Santa might find chocolates instead of cookies on the fireplace! Xan Confections truly has something for everyone.

Xan for Santa

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